Understanding the CBD Market

One significant reason the CBD industry is set to experience such impressive (40-x) growth is the fact that regulations surrounding hemp production an CBD recently changed dramatically. The 2018 US Farm Bill declassified hemp extract, opening the opportunity for nationwide production and commercial distribution of CBD. While legal, political, and legislative stigmas previously stifled significant commercial sales and growth in this industry, 2019 represents the first year for truly open sales and production for a highly needed product for a massive target market.

There is an extraordinary market need for CBD. CBD is a product that virtually everyone may need at some point or another. To avoid FDA regulations around supplement marketing, Speedy Grow Inc does not make any specific claims regarding the effects of CBD.

Even so, according to popular google search results for “CBD benefits”, the primary reasons people take CBD are to relieve:
• Chronic pain
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Aid for Sleeping

Another contributing factor to CBDʼs extraordinary market opportunity is the fact that CBD is becoming more and more socially driven and popular. As a vitamin supplement, there is not nearly the stigma that still follows any THC-based cannabis products. In fact, according to CBS News2 and Detroit Free Press3 CBD is becoming nearly a mainstream supplement (comparable to vitamin B or Caffeine), where it will be used in various various products such as water, coffee, and infused foods, etc. Additionally, according to Newsweek4 , CBD is in development for possibly being used as an antibiotic, as some findings indicate that the supplement may have antibiotic properties. As CBD products expand, opportunity will increase.

Winning in the CBD Market

Making the best CBD products is only part of our story.  Maintaining an effective supply chain, innovating and meeting production needs, and branding, labeling, and marketing are at the core of how Speedy Grow is winning in the CBD market.


Our farmer-partner deals give more to our CBD hemp producers than any competitor.  With our access to proprietary soil amendments and agronomy protocols, we retain loyalty and maintain a supply chain that is unbeatable by competitors. 


Speedy Grow has created a model to fit all three of the market needs when it comes to production:  capacity, quality, and diversity/innovation. With our production abilities, we can meet any product need for any customer in the CBD industry.


Speedy Grow is one of the only companies that includes the suppliers in the down-stream business side by marketing and selling products on behalf of the growers.  In addition to our own brands, we provide branding or labeling services at any volume.