Custom CBD Programs

Custom CBD Programs

Our Goal: to be your flexible, custom CBD partner.

Whether you’re looking for a few private label products, or a large-scale custom program with propriety formulations, we are here to help.

Learn more about the solution that’s best for you and let’s talk about adding CBD to your business.

White Label Programs

Produce as few as 25 custom-labeled, products as you begin your CBD journey. Use your brand, your label, then share your products! It's simple.

Private Label & Custom Formulas

Ready to build a CBD platform to grow? We can help your business create custom, clean, efficacious products featuring our Full Spectrum CBD.

Get Build Ready Ingredients

If you're looking for parts of production or supply chain, or flexible business systems, we are able to support you in any part of your CBD process.

If you can Dream it, We Can Do it!

Speedy Grow has the vision, expertise, and experience to not just provide you with completely custom solutions, we can help you create any vision you have for your company’s CBD line.

Learn about what we do here on our site, and then schedule an appointment to discuss what’s  right for you right now.  We’ll help you understand how we can grow and scale with you in the future.

Speedy Grow understands many small and large companies want to get involved in the fast moving CBD industry. Traditionally large companies were the only players able to afford to jump into a new market with the budgets required to run 5,000 plus units of each new SKU they wanted to introduce into the market. The funds necessary to roll-out a new project like that could easily run over $500,000 considering 10 new products or 50,000 units needed to secure low manufacturing prices.

With over 25 years in the supplement industry, the owners of Speedy Grow Inc. long ago realized that some of our best client relationships started out small and over time grew along with our customers. For that reason, we have invested in and developed a white label program so smaller companies can afford to enter into the profitable CBD marketplace without having to “mortgage the farm”.

As our customers watch their business grow and the size of their orders increase, the price they pay per unit drops, increasing their profit margins and making them the most competitive in the market place.

Speedy Grow has extensive CBD industry knowledge and knows what the most popular SKUs are in the market.  We provide our clients with high margin, fast selling CBD products. For instance, most people believe that CBD tinctures are out of fashion and believe that CBD gummies are in. CBD tinctures currently represent over 60% of the market share in the U.S. of all CBD products sold.  CBD gummies, while popular are actually illegal in most states who fear that children will eat an entire bottle in one sitting believing it to be candy. We encourage all of our customers to become familiar with the regulations within the state(s) they intend to do business.

Are You a Contract Manufacturer Looking to Add CBD for Your Clients?

We have dozens of quality manufacturing relationships. We pride ourselves on creative products and innovative CBD formulations. If you’re interested in utilizing our exclusive Seed-to-Shelf™ quality CBD to offer your clients, we should talk!