Seed-to-Shelf CBD™

Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ is Offered EXCLUSIVELY from Speedy Grow, Inc.

Only Speedy Grow offers you our exclusive Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ Guarantee. You'll ALWAYS know exactly where your CBD comes from.

Speedy Grow, Inc. is the one and only true Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ production company.  Though Speedy Grow, Inc. does not grow hemp, we do have strategic relationships with the top licensed hemp farms in the United States and we oversee the complete process of CBD production from cultivating seeds to farming hemp, extracting CBD oil, packaging, marketing and selling final products.  Our Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ makes Speedy Grow, Inc. uniquely positioned in the supplement industry.  Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ means that when we make a CBD product for our customer, we can track that product all the way back to the field where the farmer grew that industrial hemp.

Speedy Grow is incorporated in the state of Wyoming, USA and is a fully licensed Industrial Hemp processor and extractor, licensed for CBD in the State of Colorado and Utah.

The company’s main extraction facility is located in Grand Junction, CO.  At our state-of-the-art facility, we extract CBD oil from the finest hemp grown in the United States.

Three specific factors contribute to our overall success: 

  • Direct strategic partnerships with top CBD hemp growers
  • CBD production capacity of a million+ bottles/month
  • Total control of our completely vertically-integrated business model

Speedy Grow is positioned to thrive in an emerging CBD market and be a dominant provider of CBD products to the largest companies in the world.

Learn More About the Our Process as Part of Our Commitment to Transparency:

Our Farming Partners: How They Grow Hemp

Our farming partners grow thousands of acres of industrial hemp in both Colorado and Utah. 

These farming partners are some of the most experienced in the country and have decades of cutting-edge farming experience. 

Proprietary Hemp Processing

With decades of nutraceutical and supplement experience, the processing team at Speedy Grow have harnessed their best-practices to create their own clean, cold ethanol alcohol processing systems. 

We’re dedicated to preserving nutrients and all the goodness Mother Nature intended from the hemp plant.

Third Party Testing

Don’t just take our word for it when it comes to quality….from soil-testing and only planting the most pure clones, to processing and ultimately creating you the very best products, we SHOW you our commitment to quality with third-party Certificates of Analysis.

The Speedy Grow Story

Speedy Grow got it’s start over 3 years ago when the owners of Speedy Grow created SpeedyVeg, an OMRI listed Organic Soil Amendment and Organic Growth Accelerator for the Cannabis industry. Working with growers across the country, we quickly realized that CBD would soon become a house-hold term, with tremendous health benefits to the public, and with a great financial upside to build a business. At the request of many of the farmers Speedy Grow was working with, Speedy Grow invested heavily in a CBD Hemp Extraction facility in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Speedy Grow did not however, want to become just another “extractor“ of CBD. Speedy Grow founders are from Utah and each have over 25+ years experience in the dietary supplement industry. Because of their experience, contacts and connections to that industry, they felt like Speedy Grow was in a great and unique position to be more than just an Extractor. The “Seed-To-Shelf CBD” solution was born.

Speedy Grow started by GIVING the farmers their Organic Soil Amendment, SpeedyVeg, to apply to their Hemp crops at no cost to the farmer. This proved to be an invaluable investment. An investment that soon became the beginning of our “Seed-To-Shelf CBD” Solution. The farmers saw a measurable increase in the Health and overall CBD yield from those fields that used SpeedyVeg compared to those from previous years.

Speedy Grow Partners, with its network of Farmers, and the extraction of the CBD oil from the Hemp and with the background, experience and connections to the Dietary Supplement industry that the owners of Speedy Grow have, we are able to further that partnership by getting the CBD oil into the market.

The final piece to our “Seed-To-Shelf CBD™” solution includes extraction of the CBD oil, creating and formulating finished products such as, Tinctures, Capsules, Soft Gels, Topicals, Chewables, and pet products, are now made available to the consumer.

We are only interested in partnering with farmers that are committed to growing the highest quality of Hemp, extracting the Full Spectrum CBD from those plants and then partnering with top-tier manufacturers that will allow the finest CBD to be sold in the market.

Speedy Grow relies on the 3rd party testing by labs that are second to none in their field to verify the quality at every step in the process.


Speedy Grow began as a soil amendment company that changed the CBD world, helping hemp farmers improve their quality and production.


Speedy Grow offers high-quality CBD and innovative products. We are the only company to offer Seed-to-Shelf™ CBD, to any sized business entering the CBD market.


We will continue to be a dominant player in the CBD industry as we partner and support businesses joining the CBD space.

Learn More About Us

Knowing Good CBD

KNOWING a good product and MAKING a good product are two very different things. Learn more about how to know if you're getting the best quality CBD product.

World Class Extraction

Clean extraction is a top priority at Speedy Grow. It it important to question the "know-how" and method of cleaning your hemp, to remove impurities while preserving the nutrients. Learn more about our cold, clean extraction process.

Build Ready Ingredients

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A Strategic Partnership

We partner with the most expert minds throughout the entire supply chain to ensure we give you the best product.

CBD Product Manufacturing

As most contract manufacturers are just beginning to play in the CBD space, we are proud to work with innovative leaders who have mastered the proprietary process and are ready to supply you with quality and innovation. Learn More.

Mass Scale Support

We offer scale-up CBD product support for large businesses or small enterprises.

We offer dozens of quality products in unique formulations to offer you and inspire your imagination.

Learn More About What We Can Offer YOUR Business

We Are Your CBD Source


Speedy Grow Inc. is a fully licensed Industrial Hemp processor and extractor, licensed with the Dept. of Health in the State of Colorado with its main extraction facility located in Grand Junction, CO. At our state-of-the-art facility, we extract CBD oil from the finest hemp grown in the United States.

We Can Help With All Your CBD Co-Packing Needs
Because the owners of Speedy Grow Inc. have 25+ years’ experience in the dietary supplement industry, after we extract the CBD from the plant, we can help you with all of your CBD co-packing needs.
Speedy Grow Inc. has strategic partnerships with some of the largest and most respected Dietary Supplement manufacturers in the industry whose quality and certifications are second to none. 

With these partnerships we have the ability to turn our CBD oil into:
Pain Creams
Soft gels
Chewable Tablets
Coffee Creamers

400,000 SQ Feet of Manufacturing 

Our abilities are only limited to your creativity. With over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing and 14 different lines, we are faster in bringing new products to market than anyone else in the industry. Often times our biggest problem for slowing our production ability is waiting on our customer’s printer to provide us with the labels needed.

Most companies will tell you it takes 12-14 weeks to get a new product to market. We strive to cut that time in half…if not more!

Popular "Off the Shelf" Products

We offer a wide variety of quality, natural stock formulations that feature our high-quality CBD oil. You can also work with our product development partners to create something custom just for your business. All with our top-quality CBD.