Add Quality, Custom CBD to Your Business

Comprehensive CBD Solutions For Your Business

Whether your CBD vision is large and custom, or simple and introductory, Speedy Grow is here to help you create it!

Your Nutraceutical CBD Partner

It’s easy to add top-quality CBD to your business:

   • Turnkey solutions
   • White label & private label programs
   • Innovative / custom formulas
   • Bulk-ready ingredients
   • cGMP Certified
   • FDA inspected facilities

Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ Guarantee

Only Speedy Grow can show you the entire process: from planting and growing to processing and manufacturing, then right to your shelf. 

This is our exclusive Seed-to-Shelf CBD™ Guarantee.

Anything You Need

Whether you need a small run of white label product, bulk-ready ingredients, or a completely custom and branded CBD product experience with a lot of inventory, Speedy Grow can do it all and do it with exceptional quality.

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In a space that’s growing and learning so quickly, we always have new and interesting information to provide to you. Check back here often for the latest updates in ECS health and cannabinoid discoveries.

Popular "Off the Shelf" Products

We offer a wide variety of quality, natural stock formulations that feature our high-quality CBD oil. You can also work with our product development partners to create something custom  just for your business. All with our top-quality CBD.

What are people looking for in their CBD?

"The American public is looking for a quality, efficacious CBD experience they can trust. Sharing where and how their products are made, the natural, simple nature of producing them backed with the testing that proves the purity and quality is what we're all about. That level of transparency in your CBD production partner isn't easy to find, but it is OUR commitment to you."
Craig Miles
CEO, Speedy Grow