Nutraceutical CBD

Only the best quality CBD deserves to be called nutraceutical grade. Speedy Grow has the experience to craft it.

Nutraceuticals are top-quality health and wellness supplements. They achieve the highest levels of efficaciousness while being as natural and pure as possible. As the US Government catches up with the CBD market, increasingly companies will need to achieve top quality standards and transparency to stay in business and offer acceptable products. Speedy Grow will already beat and exceed standards as we’ve already put the top growing, processing, and manufacturing practices in to place.

We dare you to find another partner with the experience and visibility we have. We offer you:

  • complete visibility
  • the most experience
  • pesticide-free growing
  • extensive third-party testing
  • fully licensed supply chain team
  • proprietary clean, natural processing
  • innovative product formulas
  • turnkey solutions
  • complete custom programs
  • small and large quantities