Scalable Hemp Growth Co-Ops

With the intellectual property we have developed for effective CBD Hemp growth, Speedy Grow is immediately ready to establish a green-house grow opportunity for farmer partners interested in scaling their growth with us. There are three parties in our co-op:

  • Greenhouse partner companies provide facilities that will accommodate multiple farmer partners
  • Colorado Hemp Solutions (Speedy Grow’s primary agronomy resource) will provide genetics (clones), Agronomy and SOP protocols, Speedy Veg nutrient packs, and proprietary mobile drying services
  • Speedy Grow provides extraction, production, and branding/labeling/marketing services.

Farmer partners are offered the opportunity to participate in our greenhouse co-ops as a farming service provider.  The co-op owns the starts (original plants), the farmer grows the plants per the co-op protocols, then the co-op buys, dries, extracts, and sells the CBD products for a profit share with the farmer.

157 thoughts on “Scalable Hemp Growth Co-Ops”

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