Speedy Grow Services


Our partner farmers receive the most favorable pricing on our services, giving Speedy Grow ample access to the highest quality flower and giving farmers the best profit.  We know each field every product comes from.


Speedy Grow offers state-of-the-art extraction with proprietary protocols and equipment.  Our liquid nitrogen cooling system consistently gives us better quality CBD with faster production times.  With GMP protocols, we can supply any volume.


We have a direct partner in the largest bottling facility in the state of Utah, giving us more than a million bottle per month capacity on any product.  We have dedicated CBD lines, and we can manufacture any CBD product on the market.


Speedy Grow owners come from the vitamin supplements industry with access to distribution outlets with more than 10,000 retail stores.  We offer branded, white label, and startup products in addition to our own lines. We offer generous profit splits for partners.