CBD Product Manufacturing

By the best measures the CBD industry is said to be about 7 years old in 2019. As such, many protocols and regulations for producing and manufacturing CBD products are still being developed by various states and industry regulatory committees. With our 25 years of vitamin supplement manufacturing experience, Speedy Grow has access to one of the largest production facilities that will meet all regulatory requirements for CBD manufacturing. Furthermore, we can meet any volume of production.


From seed or clone propagation to planting, all the way through the growing and harvesting process, then throughout the extraction, manufacturing, and bottling/packaging processes of our products, we have documented Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and protocols that ensure consistent production of premium products

Dedicated Lines

Speedy Grow has leveraged our experience in vitamin supplements to establish an exclusive relationship with one of the largest producers of vitamin supplements in the world. We have access to up to 13 dedicated lines of production for our CBD products. This includes formulating, filling, bottling, and packaging necessary for any kind of CBD product.

Innovative Products

Even though CBD is a new industry, the products have already evolved significantly. Originally, a good CBD manufacturer had to have the ability to make tinctures and soft-gels. The future of CBD includes lotions, hydration products, gummies, creams, and a wide variety of foods, cosmetics, and more. Our world-class manufacturing facility can do it ALL!


With the access we have to world-class manufacturing, there is no volume out of reach for Speedy Grow. We can produce more than a million units per month of any given product line, and meet any reasonable demand for production in our industry. This makes Speedy Grow a power supplier of any and all CBD products for even the largest of customers.